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Integrating White

Testing White

How to test White without going bankrupt

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to test all you liked without having to use real-life credit cards?

Well, it turns out you can.

In the interest of keeping developers from spending money on their integrations, we're created a set of test cards that you can use.

Note: Test cards only work in `Test Mode`, i.e. when you're using a test API key.

Test Cards

Here's a list of all of the test cards that White supports, and the result that they'll simulate.

Successful transactions

NumberCard Type

Testing Failed transactions

As described in the [API Documentation](/docs/api/#error-types), there are 4 main types of errors:

Request Errors

'number = abcTriggers an invalid card error
'exp_month = 13Simulates an invalid month
'exp_year = 1979Simulates an invalid year (just use any year in the past)
'cvc = abcSimulates an invalid CVC code

Banking Errors

Error to simulateNumber

Authentication Errors

Simply use an invalid token when making the API request. Here's an example: `this_is_an_invalid_key`, but you can probably come up with more imaginative ones yourself.

Processing Errors

Processing errors indicate that something went wrong on White's end. In order to test a processing error, just use the card number `4000000000000127`. It should generate an `internal_server_error`.

Go forth and have fun! But remember, you must use a **Test API key** in order for all of these test scenarios to actually work.